Welcome to the Official Codabass Artist Page:
    Vancouver Electronic Music Producers: Codabass and Jinx are working on material and production for this summers festival season. Looking forward to partying with you all again soon.
    New Facebook Page Hey friends, just wanted to pass over some exciting info. Codabass has now officially setup thier own facebook page and apps. We will be adding content, free music, and even producer tools to our page. Please stop by, show some love by liking our page here:
    Rich and Jinx

    One Love Set Hey Amigos, Codabass just got back from quite the roadtrip... Shambhala, One Love, and a few other stop overs.. We met some incredible people, made new friends, and are now ready to hit the studio for some serious sessions... Here is our set from One Love... Thanks to those who came out.. it was so incredible watching people dance in the rain..
    We love you guys so much.
    Peace / Richard and Jinx!

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